Monday, 28 November 2011

Thou Shalt Not Steal

Please don't nick my pictures!!

This is a very polite plea for you not to use my images on your own websites without my permission or a credit. And that includes Facebook!

Legally, the photos I take belong to me. If I sell you a picture you own that copy of the picture. You aren't (legally) allowed to copy it in any way. Similarly if I put a photo on my website, that picture belongs to me. You are not allowed to copy that picture from my site. You are definitely not allowed to save it, print it or stick it on Facebook as your own! If you do I am within my rights to claim compensation from you.

OK, that's the legal position. I'm not quite that militant in practice. If I really didn't want people to take my photos from my site I could protect them. What I actually do is watermark them in the certain knowledge that some people will put them on Facebook giving me a free advert to all their friends!

So basically what I'm saying is - if you really must pinch my images and put them on Facebook, just tell people who took them!

Ta then!

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