Thursday, 26 January 2012

What's in a Wedding? - Part 2

Part 2 of the whole wedding process. I've already covered up to the end of the ceremony. Here's the rest.

After the Ceremony
I'll be around to capture all those special moments that happen afterwards.  The little moments between the bride and groom, friends meeting for the first time in ages, everyone congratulating the happy couple. I'll also get the essential confetti shot. After you've gone back to the reception venue (if it's different) I'll let your guests get a drink and some canapes and then get cracking with the group photos. This can be quite a quick job or a bit of a long process depending on how many pictures you want. I'll then take the bride and groom away by themselves to get a few romantic portraits and a staged cutting of the cake photo just to make sure.  When I'm not otherwise occupied, I'll get even more photos of your guests enjoying themselves and a natural and relaxed way.

The Speeches
Speeches are usually after the meal, so I'll hang around while you eat and come back in time for the groom's bit moment. I'll all the speeches and will do my absolute best to get all the memorable moments as well as the guests' reactions. If you'd like me to I can also stay to photograph the first dance!

The Following Week
While you're away on your honeymoon I then have the job of editing all the photos. I usually take around 800 pictures and they need sorting down to about 300 or so. They then all get cropped, edited and generally enhanced. I'll pick out a few of them to give special effects to such as black and white, sepia and other processes Photoshop is capable of! That can all take up to 15 hours to complete! I'll then put your proofs onto a CD (and my website) and send them to you.

Building the Album
Once you've chosen your favourite 100 or so pictures I then have to design the album.  It's all done by hand using specialist software to make sure each album I produce is absolutely unique to you.  That can be another 4 - 6 hours' work! Once you've approved the design I can order (and pay for) the album.

Still Not Done...
I also have your thank-you cards to design and order (and pay for...) and your album to hand deliver (or post if you're too far away).

Once you've got your album it all starts again...

I hope that rather long post gives you an idea of just how much effort, time and cost goes into producing your wedding album. I love it though and take a lot of pleasure in giving a couple something very special to help them remember their big day for years to come.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What's in a Wedding?

I wrote a post a while ago (here) about why photographers charge so much for weddings. It was a bit general and a bit whiney so I thought I'd take you through the whole process.  So... what's involed?

I have to let you know I'm there! There's lots of ways to do it. I have a website, a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. All of which take time to update. I also have hundreds of leaflets and flyers in shops and hotels spread around the area. I've talked about it before but I do a lot of networking. That can be quite expensive, both in terms of time and money. And then of course there's the wedding fairs. They can cost up to £120 for a stand and always happen on Sundays!

Once you've found me you'll naturally want to meet me, have a chat and see some sample albums. I'll come to your house or you can come to my studio and we'll sit for about an hour and go through any questions you might have. You can look at 3 or 4 sample albums, thank you cards and other photos in my portfolio. We'll go through exactly what you want from me and if you like what you see you'll book me and pay a deposit.

Before the Wedding
A week or so before the wedding I'll get back in touch with you again to finalise the details. What are the timings? What group photos do you want? Is there anyone special I absolutely must get a shot of? Again, I can come to you or you can pop into my studio for a coffee.

On the Morning
I'll be at the bride's house or hotel in time to photograph the girls getting ready. Hair, make-up, getting into the dress, all the important behind-the-scenes stuff! I normally get there about 3 hours before the ceremony itself to make sure I don't miss anything.

The Boys
About 45 minutes before the ceremony I arrive with the boys. I'll get a few shots of them all together, the groom on his own and with the best man. I'll also get shots of the venue itself and the guests arriving.

The Ceremony
If the vicar/registrar allows it I'll be there, out of the way, to capture all the important moments throughout the ceremony itself - the bride's arrival, the exchanging of vows, readings, exchanging the rings, the first kiss and the new Mr and Mrs walking out together.

That's probably enough for now.  Keep an eye out for Part 2 next week!