Monday, 17 October 2011

New Studio - Let's Build!

So I'm in and started moving on the renovation!  So far I have:
  • Stripped a load of wallpaper
  • Knocked a hole in a wall for a door
  • Removed a door and blocked up that hole
  • Knocked another hole through for a changing room
  • Got a massive delivery of wood for more walls
  • And made a start on some stud work!

I say 'I'.  I've had a lot of help...  If I overuse 'I' please replace it in your head with 'we'.

I'll be getting some signs soon as well.  Keep an eye out as you're passing!

Friday, 14 October 2011

New Studio - Episode IV : A New Hope

A long time ago in a solicitor's not that far away I started the process of renting a commercial property. 3 solicitors, an estate agent and a bank all got involved and 5 months later we've finally completed!

Well it's about bloody time frankly!  At last I have my keys and can now make a start on the renovations, decorations and preparations.

Thankfully there isn't much to do. Some new signs, a couple of new walls and doors and a bit of a window display should just about do it! And obviously a bit of tidying and decoration just to make it look as stunning in real life as it does in my head...

With a bit of luck I'll be open for business by late October. Just in time for the Christmas rush! A bit late to start advertising really but I was a bit nervous to start shouting too loud until I actually had my keys.  I now need to contact my list of interested people and cross my fingers they haven't found somewhere else to go or just lost interest!

I'll be having a big push on vouchers as well in December for anyone stuck for gift ideas!

Right.  Off to strip some wallpaper!