Wednesday, 16 November 2011

New Studio - At Last…

So it's finally finished and open! I'm half way through my first week and it's going very well. I had a busy week last week photographing and editing and this week is just the same! The weekends are busy as well…

It's fantastic to be back in the studio at last. It's been 9 months since my last studio shoot! I was a bit worried I would have forgotten how to do it… But they have all gone really well so far. I actually think the shots I've taken this week are some of the best I've ever taken. I think having some time off has given me a chance to come up with new ideas and editing methods. Hopefully some of the parents will let me put a few up on my Facebook page… Have a look and see if they have!

Although I've only just reopened it's nearly time to stop for Christmas! To guarantee Christmas delivery the shoot needs to be done by the end of November. So in a couple of weeks it'll be all about the vouchers!

Thanks to everyone for their support so far. It has really helped get me up and running again. I won't name them - you know who you are!

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