Sunday, 13 February 2011

It's Just Genetics!

I think me being male puts a lot of women off having photos taken wearing only their undies.  Or even less!  But there is really no need to let that affect you.  I am a man for the same reason women are women.  Genetics.

To me photography is a hobby, a passion and a career and I get just as excited about a baby, a wedding or a stunning sunset as I do a lady in lingerie.  The fact that I'm a man and she's a woman is just a coincidence of chromosomes.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the concerns, but they are not necessary.  Setting up as a photographer is a bit of a long-winded and expensive way to see what I can see for free on the internet!  It's my job and I approach it with complete professionalism.

So if you were thinking of having some boudoir photos or a maternity shoot then please don't let that Y chromosome put you off!

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Pat Bloomfield said...

Nice article Chris.

I'm a full time photographer and about 90% of my photography is boudoir photography. From my experience, ladies are not as concerned about being photographed by a male photographer as we're let to believe. I only got asked a couple of times last year and if that is their concern it will be very hard to persuade them otherwise.

Many of my clients fill in a feedback form and not one has mentioned the fact that I'm a male photographer. Historically most photographers of women have been men.

Anyone seeking photography are best to follow their heart and go for the images that appeal most. As you mentioned in your article - as photographers we are more concerned with lighting and aesthetics to create beautiful photographs to the best of our ability.

If anyone has concerns about having a female photographer or not, they may find this article of interest;

But ultimately if anyone really has strong feelings on the matter they're best to follow their gut instincts. If someone is panic stricken with nerves, it's unlikely they'll relax and this will show in the final photographs. Almost everyone is a little nervous at first, so it pays to go to a studio that offers longer sessions and where you'll know who'll your photographer will be. If possible meet them beforehand to plan the experience as this will help greatly.