Sunday, 6 February 2011

Do You Get What You Pay For?

I think you probably do.  People often ask me why it costs £950 just for a wedding album.  And my answer is it doesn't!  It costs £950 for a wedding album, 50 thank you cards, a proof book and about 20 hours of my time, either before during or after a wedding.

There are photographers out there who will do a wedding for £250 including an album.  I would advise caution.  I can't buy an album for less than £250 from my supplier.  That's because his product is of excellent quality and is only available to professional photographers.  That is to protect professionals so we can still make a living from it!  It also shows off good quality photos in the best way possible.  It is very likely that the £250 photographer has got his album from an online site available to anyone.  The photos may be great, but the album quality is likely to be far inferior.

And also beware of photographers who guarantee at least 800 pictures, all on a disc, for just £500. If this is what you're after, insist on seeing all 800 pictures from a real wedding.  Don't just settle for his portfolio shots.  They are by definition his best.  See how many of the 800 pictures you would actually want to look at again.  I bet it isn't 800!

Which brings me onto my final point.  Do you really want to miss out on an album to save some money?  I understand that times are very hard at the moment, but think about your holiday photos.  You get home, download them onto a computer, maybe stick some on Facebook and then never look at them again.  If you just have photos on a disc the same thing happens.  Your mum comes round and wants to see your pictures and you say, "just let me login to Facebook" and you huddle round a small screen and look at your pictures with your friends' comment underneath and a load of adverts down the side.  How much nicer would it be to be able to hand over you personalised, hand made wedding album for her to browse through at her leisure?  It is a unique, stunning, beautiful reminder of a time in your life that only lasted a single day.

If you're on a budget you have to have what you can afford, but think carefully about which areas you want to cut back on.  And then get in touch!

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Whiskerburn Sloopscuttle said...

It is almost funny how much explaining it takes justifying the time taken after an event, working to make the finished products. From the logs on my website the quickest anyone ever looked for their photos was 15 minutes after a race! I was probably still trying to get out of the car park... ;-)