Monday, 9 May 2011

Could you just...?

This one really adds to the last post.  I think maybe I've had a string of difficult customers recently that's got me thinking about this.  They fall into 2 camps:

First is the "Could you just...?" crowd.  Could you just airbrush my arm fat?  Could you just make my nose less red?  Could you just make it look like a sunny day?  (All real examples by the way!)  All of my pictures are individually edited and I do make a great effort to remove any non-permanent blemishes like spots or bruises.  But my prices are based on the standard work I do.  Please understand that if I have to make your nose less red on every single photo this add a massive amount of time to the process.

Second is the deal hunter.  You know the conversation.  "That'll be £220 please."  "Oh.  I only have £200.  Is there anything you can do?"  Well yes, there is something I can do.  I can not sell you £20 worth of photos.  It sounds a bit harsh but my prices are very fair for me and my clients.  I think the worst are the ones who ask for the digital file if they buy the print.  I only make money from selling photos from a portrait shoot.  It might sound very mercenary, but if you want 3 copies of a print, please buy 3 copies of a print.  Don't try and wangle the full size digital file out of me under the pretense that you're just going to "put it up on Facebook and that".  I will sell you the digital files, but they are deliberately disproportionately expensive.  I will only ever sell that once and it could turn into dozens of prints for the whole family meaning I lose out.

You wouldn't take your car in to get new tyres and ask "You couldn't just replace a few bulbs and tighten the handbrake at no extra charge as well could you?"  Equally you don't barter with the automated checkout at Sainsbury's to try and get a free tin of beans because you didn't bring enough cash out with you!

I'm a big believer in 'if you don't ask you don't get' so by all means ask.  But don't be offended if the answer is no.

Sorry if I sound a bit ranty but it's good to get things off your chest sometimes!

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