Friday, 7 January 2011

Why Bother Blogging?

Not sure really...  Someone said I should so I have.

Well that's how it started.  From a publicity point of view it's great.  It's another way for people to find me on the internet which is a big bonus.  It also gives me opportunity to get good links to my website that helps with Google.  Links like wedding photographer in Lincolnshire and portrait photographer in Grimsby really do wonders for my rankings. And yes that was a blatant plug!  It also helps my studio to rent in Grimsby as well...

But it's also quite therapeutic.   I don't keep a diary or journal and this is a good way to get things down.  I quite like taking a few minutes out of a week to sit and write stuff down.  Yes it helps the business but I also quite enjoy it.

So if you're reading this and haven't got a blog.  Get one!

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